About us

Alpha-Logic LLC was established in 2017. We are the team of highly experienced specialists with extensive knowledge in the aviation industry. The range of services we provide is wide and comprehensive.

Since March 2020, Alpha-Logic LLC has been granted the resident status in the Special Economic Zone in Ulyanovsk with ambitious development plans for the coming decades.

Entrusting your task to us, you receive the professional support and the most optimal solution in the following business acrtivities:

  • Provision of services for the long/short term parking of any aircraft type and storage of aviation equipment in airport Ulyanovsk-Vostochny

  • Supply of aircraft spare parts and assemblies

  • Provision of cargo transportation and logistics services

  • Provision of services for flight operation, ground handling and fuel support around the world

  • Wholesale and retail supplies and equipment of general aviation aircraft, AC registration, airworthiness support, maintenance, etc.

  • Marketing and consulting services in aviation

We are your competent and experienced business partner!

Working with us - you get a professional result!

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To all fans of general aviation!

We are glad to announce that we are at the beginning of the company’s development and preparing to deliver the first aircraft to our region. You can obtain full information about the aircraft and its data upon request.

Information on aircraft fleet replenishment would be updated regularly.

We would be available for any questions you may have and provide you with assistance to choose an aircraft in accordance with your requests both in our region and abroad.

Esteemed colleagues and partners!

We are glad to announce that in the nearest time there would be an opportunity to purchase spare parts for general aviation in our brand-new online store.

Our team of IT specialists is about to launch the online store. You would be able to choose any delivery method that is convenient for you as well as in-store pickup from one of our warehouses.

Stay tuned. We would be glad to assist you in finding the best solution based on your demands.

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